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VFS and Yale
Scripts, Papers, Documentation
ROBOTO Documents

ROBOTO is a concept for a science-fiction game I used in a number of VFS assignments.  This includes a cut-scene script sample, a level breakdown, and a game design document.

The story of ROBOTO follows the adventures of Robbie the Robot.  Robbie must seek out the lost superweapon ROBOTO, the only thing that can defeat the hordes of nano-bots that have devastated the solar system.  Gina, his ex-girlfriend, also happens to be the ruling intelligence of the nano-bots, which complicates matters.

Game Journalism

Another course at VFS I enjoyed immensly was Game Journalism.  I've included two written assignments from that class here.

The first document is a game review of Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands.  I discuss the game, the franchise, and include a diagram of all the Prince of Persia games to come out up to the time of writing.

The second document is a term paper on the topic of social science research into online communities.  I discuss was has been learned so far, the methods used, and their potential  as a powerful research tool in the future.

Architecture Papers

As an undergraduate student at Yale University, I wrote a number of papers on many subjects.  I've included two papers here.

The first document is a research paper from an architecture class.  I compare two philosophies of architecture; Le Courbisier's building as machine and Louis Sullivan's building as organism. I conclude that the philosophy of building as organic machine fits perfectly with the ideals of sustainable architecture.

The second document is a final paper from a sustainability class. I and a partner discuss sustainability improvements to the Yale University campus.

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