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Game Engines

  • Unity3D - Multiple titles as systems/level designer for web and mobile platforms.  Additional roles include UI/UX design, 3D art, and visual effects.

  • Unreal - Level design experience.

  • Flash - Art and design for browser games.


Production and Development Software

  • Blender, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sourcetree (Git), 3DS Max, Flash


Documentation, Spreadsheet, and Presentation Software

  • MS Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Google sheets, OpenOffice Express, Premiere, Visio.

I am a game designer who has been making web and mobile games professionally for  five years.  I love to bring game experiences to life with great writing, amazing design, and the collaboration of an inspired development team.  I focus on narrative design and writing, but I have also worked in systems design, level design, and art.


I was born in Homer, Alaska; a small town by the sea and possibly the greatest place to grow up in the entire world.


I majored in Architecture at Yale University, and studied Game Design at the Vancouver Film School.


I love making games more than anything, but I am passionate about many forms of design.  I enjoy  learning new skills and tackling ambitious projects.  I want to tell stories and build worlds, but most of all I want to make games that are enjoyable, challenging and fun.  


About Me


10/12/15                 Narrative Game Designer, Glu Mobile.  (Bellevue, WA)

  - 10/24/16             -  Nicki Minaj: The Empire - Design, Writing, Scripting, Documentation. 


4/1/15 - 5/31/15    Game Designer, Fourth Monkey Media.  (Halifax, NS)

                                 -  Unannounced Titles (mobile) - Design, Writing, Documentation. 

6/1/12 - 2/1/15       Game Designer/Team LeadTapify, Inc.  (Halifax, NS)

                                 -  Bumpy Birds (iOS/Android) - Systems Design, Particles, Sound Effects (SFX). 

                                    View on Apple App Store   View on Google Play

                                 -  Ninja Kitty (iOS/Android) - Systems/Level Design, Writing, Environment Art, Particles, SFX.

                                    View on Apple App Store   View on Google Play

                                 -  Rocket Pig (iOS/Android) - Systems Design, Particles, SFX.

                                 -  Evil Robots (iOS/Android) - Systems/Level Design, Environment Art, Particles, SFX.

                                 -  Goblin Toss (iOS/Android) - Systems/Level Design, Environment Art, Particles, SFX.


8/1/11 - 5/31/12     Game DesignerAll Are Kings.  (Surrey, BC)

                                 -  Dragon Dash (iOS) - Systems Design, UI Art, 3D Art, Particles, Animation. 

                                 -  Forerunner (iOS) - Systems/Level Design, Writing, UI Art, Environment Art, Particles.


5/1/11 - 7/31/17     Junior Game Designer, Genius Factor Games.  (Vancouver, BC)

                                 -  Unannounced Titles (iOS) - Systems Design, Writing, Documentation, Particles. 


2010 - 2011            Game Design Diploma, Vancouver Film School.  (Vancouver, BC)


2004 - 2008            Bachelor of Arts: ArchitectureYale University.  (New Haven, CT)


2000 - 2004            DiplomaHomer High School.  (Homer, Alaska)


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