VFS GD Projects

ROBOTO is a concept for a science fiction game I developed while a student of the Vancouver Film School Game Design program.  I used aspects of the game concept, characters, story, and world in numerous VFS assignments and later projects.


The game was to be a side-scroller where the robot character dodges an endless series of asteroids on his hoverboard.  

The story of ROBOTO follows the adventures of Robbie the Robot.  Robbie must seek out the lost superweapon ROBOTO, the only thing that can defeat the hordes of nano-bots that have devastated the solar system.  Gina, his ex-girlfriend, also happens to be the ruling intelligence of the nano-bots, which complicates matters.

Documents, Art

After graduation, I started work on a Flash game with fellow VFS alumnus, Balraj Basi.  Though we never ended up finishing it, I made a number of game assets and menus in Flash and Photoshop that I thought were worth including here.

Flash Game

I used the concepts and story of ROBOTO in a number of VFS assignments.  This includes a cut-scene script sample, a level breakdown, and a game design document.