I designed ten of Forerunner's twenty-five levels, or two of the game's five "Worlds." 

I was the UI artist for this project.  I created assets for buttons, menu screens, and the icon using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.  


iOS Running Game
All Are Kings
Trailer  - edited by Remi Storms

Forerunner is a side-scrolling platforming game for the iPhone and iPad developed in Unity engine.  

The game consists of twenty-five levels, five environments, and an endless mode.  


My Roles:


Level design

Narrative design/Writing

Background Colors

UI artist

VFX artist

Level Design

Remi Storms put this trailer together using video captured from the game.  Jared Wuerzburger added sound and music.  Remi and Justin Nichols also made a short video describing the mechanics and design of Forerunner.  Hit the links below to watch the Mechanics video and a shorter, "Teaser" trailer for Foreunner.

User Interface

Menus in Forerunner include the Main Menu, Level Select Menu, Pre-game overlay, Post-game overlay, Story Panels, Options, and Credits.  


I designed the Forerunner's "Phoenix" insignia, which is seen throughout the game in the rank medals, the shrines, and the main game logo.

For Forerunner, we wanted a simple but striking visual style that would work well on a mobile device.  We came up with a look that combined sillhouetted gameplay elements with monochromatic backgrounds.

Backgrounds, Colors, VFX

Using a pool of assets painted by Justin Nichols, I arranged elements into three layers of background for every level.  Each layer was assigned a color to match the theme of the world.

I also made a number of particle systems to simulate dangerous 'lava' as well as to illustrate game mechanics such as jumping, landing, death, and collecting coins.

I put together the background layers, selected colors, and created the visual effects (particle systems) for Forerunner.

I made these story panels to tell the legend of the Forerunner.  They appear at the beginning and end of the game.

Narrative Design

The Story Panels use assets from the game's levels and UI, and tell a story of a civilization in decline.  The only way to rejuvinate the land is to summon the Phoenix, who will remake the world.


A lone runner is sent on a quest to light the 25 sacred shrines littered throughout the five worlds.  Once all the fires are lit, the Phoenix will come at last.


The story ends with the death of the runner.  Her quest complete, she must pass on so that the new world can take root.  However, all that dies will live again, and the runner is sure to return one day.

Forerunner Credits:

Progamming and Design:

Balraj Basi, Jarret Mackenna

Art and Design:

Remi Storms, Justin Nichols, Christopher Ellington

SFX and Music:

Jared Wuerzburger

The levels of world 3, "The Mountain," were meant to feel open and airy, and to lead the player upward.   Conversely, the levels of world 4, "The Mines,"  were meant to feel closed and constricted, and to lead the player deep into the earth (there's lava).  

Levels in Forerunner are made of hundreds of separate prefabs that each contain a 2D sillhouette texture and a 3D collider.  By arranging these prefabs and adding in background elements, coins, checkpoints, and additional volumes, we were able to rapidly create many levels using a discrete amount of base elements.  The character runs automatically.  The player taps and swipes on the screen to make the character avoid obstacles and gather coins.