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Random Projects
Digital Art
An Ode to Failure...

This website isn't just about showing off my best work  It's also about showcasing some... not-so-nice work.  Everyone experiences failure, and not every project is going to work out.  This section highlights work I did for projects that were never completed, didn't fit anywhere else, or just isn't very good. Enjoy!

Digital Paintings

I've started dabbling in digital painting.  My skills are pretty rough at the moment.  This tree painting is example art from a game about a racoon called Mapache.  The wave picture is a pen-and-ink drawing I scanned and attempted to color in Photoshop.  I was trying to create a western interpretation of Hokusai's The Great Wave of Kanagawa.  I think this work represents the theme of this section quite well.

Project Peanut

There was a time when all the team members of All Are Kings went insane.  During this feverish period, we decided to make a run-forever game about Mr. Peanut.  The player jumps over obstacles and tries to collect the most peanuts.  We made the game in less than two weeks, and planned to send the game to Planters Canada with the message "We will work for peanuts."

My Roles:

Environment Artist, UI Artist, Voice of Reason.

All Are Kings - Project Peanut:

Balraj Basi, Jared Wuerzburger, Remi Storms, Justin Nichols, Christopher Ellington

Buster the Duster

This Flash game was developed as a group project at VFS.  Buster the Duster is a stunt-man who does tricks on his motorcycle for points.  The player tries to do as many jumps and tricks as possible before inevitably crashing and burning.  All the art for this game was made in Flash.

My Roles:

Character Artist, UI Artist, Flash Animator.

Buster the Duster Team:

Balraj Basi, Steven Martin, Oscar Israel Marin, Cody Shankey, Christopher Ellington

Unity Asset Store

Remi Storms and I planned to sell these textured models on the Unity Asset Store as an Explosives Pack.  I was working on explosion particle effects for it when the team started working for TapChat, Inc.  I plan to complete and submit the work just as soon as I complete every other goal I have in life.

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