The levels of world 3, "The Mountain," were meant to feel open and airy, and to lead the player upward.   Conversely, the levels of world 4, "The Mines,"  were meant to feel closed and constricted, and to lead the player deep into the earth (there's lava).  

I designed ten of Forerunner's twenty-five levels, or two of the game's five "worlds."


Levels in Forerunner are made of hundreds of separate prefabs that each contain a 2D sillhouette texture and a 3D collider.  By arranging these prefabs and adding in background elements, coins, checkpoints, and additional volumes, we were able to rapidly create many levels using a discrete amount of base elements.  The character runs automatically.  The player taps and swipes on the screen to make the character avoid obstacles and gather coins.

Level Design

Ninja Kitty uses a modular path-node system to procedurally create new levels every time the game is played.  

Narrative and Game Design
Mobile Platforms


Goblin Toss is a grid-based tower defense game.  Enemies invade from the right, and attacking the Goblin King's tank.  The player taps the grid to launch goblins from the cannon onto the grid or at enemies.

Tower Defense Design
Goblin Toss 

Evil Robots is a side-scrolling shooter game with virtual controls.  The character can shoot in two directions, and move up, down, left or right to aim and avoid enemy fire.

2D Shooter Design
Evil Robots

As systems designer, I formulated the procedural systems with the programmer, and assembled each module prefab.    I designed the player award formula and balanced the in-game economy using spreadsheets and in-game controller scripts.  

As level designer, I determined the number and type of the modules, obstacles, enemies, and coins in each level.  I also created obstacle prefabs and environment assets unique to each of the game's worlds.

As systems designer, I worked with the programmer to formulate the grid system and the tank functionality.  I assembled and tuned each goblin unit prefab, and formulated the game's economy using spreadsheets.

As level designer, I determined the type, number, and timing of enemy spawns for each level.  I also modelled and textured environment assets unique to each world.

Modular Design
Ninja Kitty

As systems designer, I formulated the level controller system with the programmer to create multiple levels in one Unity scene.  I assembled and tuned enemy prefabs, tuned weapon values, and used spreadsheets to track variables and to balance the game's economy.

As level designer, I determined the type, number, time, and location of enemy spawns using time-based and trigger-based spawners.  I also created and assembled 2D art assets for the game's environments.

Made in Unity, this mobile celebrity RPG featured a custom scripting system where triggers and actions could be organized to create the game's scenes and narrative interactions.


As a Narrative Game Designer, I worked in this script editor to input dialogue, choreograph characters, direct the camera, trigger animations, and block out scenes for key moments in the game.

This video features scenes that I worked on for the game.

Narrative Design
Nicki Minaj: The Empire