I was also the UI artist for this project.  I created assets for buttons and menu screens using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as 3D renders of game characters made in Blender by myself and Remi Storms. 

Dragon Dash

All Are Kings
Trailer  - edited by Remi Storms

Dragon Dash is a dodging/running game developed for in the Unity engine by All Are Kings.


Remi Storms and Justin Nichols put this trailer together using video captured from the game.  Jared Wuerzburger added sound and music.

User Interface

Dragon Dash menus inclue a Main Menu, Replay Menu, Credits Menu, and a "Donate" screen where the player is given the option of giving a dollar to the game team through an in-app purchase.  Players can share their high scores by hitting the Game Center Button.

One of the biggest treats in making Dragon Dash was the chance to design, animate, and texture an awesome three-headed dragon!

Three-Headed Dragon

After rigging was done, I made a number of movement animations for the dragon's body.  These included walking, trotting, galloping, and flying actions.  I also animated the Hero character with running, jumping, and trailer-specific actions.  Justin Nichols animated the dragon heads with various fire-breathing, biting, and warning animations.

Finally, I made the dragon's texture in Photoshop.  I tried to add enough details to make the dragon a fearsome character, but without going so far as to break the overally "cartoony" style of the game.

I sketched a rough design for the dragon, drew up a more-detailed turnaround, and handed it off to Remi Storms for modelling and rigging.  The dragon's body and heads were rigged as separate meshes so they could act independently in the game.

I made some simple particle effects for Dragon Dash using Unity's particle system, an additive shader, and a texture I made in Photoshop with free material from cgtextures.com.

Visual Effects

Dragon Dash particle effects include the classic fireball, a longer fire-stream, dust kicked up by the running dragon, and an impact dust-poof for when the player hits an obstacle

 iOS Dodge/Runner

In Dragon Dash, an intrepid treasure hunter has stumbled into the lair of a fearsom three-headed dragon!  Our hero must now run for his life as the dragon gives chase.  The player dodges obstacles and fire attacks by tapping to jump and swiping left and right.

Dragon Dash Credits:


Progamming, Design:

Balraj Basi

Game Concept, 3D Modeling, Rigging, Design:

Remi Storms

Hero Design, Hero/Environment Textures, Dragon Head Animation, Design:

Justin Nichols

Dragon Texture, Hero/Dragon Body Animation, UI Art, VFX Art, Design:

Christopher Ellington

SFX and Music:

Jared Wuerzburger

The player can switch between three lanes, and jump at any time.  The dragon will attack the player from behind with fireballs and fire-streams, while obstacles will come at the player from the front.  

If the player hits an obstacle, the hero will be knocked back closer to the dragon.  After hitting four or obstacles, the dragon will catch up to the hero and the player loses.  Fire attacks are dangerous, and will kill the player instantly!  As play continues, the frequency and difficulty of the fire attacks and obstacles will increase over time.  On death, the player is shown the last score, the high score, and given the option to replay.

Rendered from Blender by Remi Storms

My Roles:


System design

User Interface Artist

Dragon Design, Texture, Body animation

Hero Animation

Visual Effects