Systems and Level Design

Environments for this game were modelled in Blender.  I textured them in Photoshop, and then baked the lighting in Unity.  I then added final touches such as particle systems for torch fire, and animated elements like mine carts running along the rails.

 Mobile Tower Defense

Goblin Toss

Tapify, Inc.

My Roles:


System design

Level Design

Narrative Design

Environment Art

Project Managment

Visual Effects

Goblin Toss is a grid-based tower defense game for mobile devices developed in Unity 3D for Tapify, Inc.  The player taps to launch goblins from the cannon onto the grid, or as projectiles to kill enemies.


As level designer, I determined the type, number, and timing of enemy spawns for each level.  I also modelled and textured environment assets unique to each world.

As systems designer, I worked with the programmer to formulate the grid system and the tank functionality.  I assembled and tuned each goblin unit prefab, and formulated the game's economy using spreadsheets.