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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Narrative Adventure Game
Jam City, Inc.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is a narrative adventure game set in the world of Harry Potter. Set seven years prior to Harry Potter's fist year at Hogwarts, the player creates their own character and experiences life as a Hogwarts student in an original mystery adventure.


As one of the Narrative Designers on the team, I contribute to story planning and development as well as writing pitches, outlines, scripts, and other narrative content for the game's many storytelling outlets. In addition, I help develop narrative content for new gameplay features and work with the other departments for content planning and the execution of major story beats.

Narrative Designer

- Narrative Design 

- Game Writing

As Narrative Designer, I contribute to the writing and development of many quest types and gameplay features.

- Main Quest Storyline

- Time-Limited Side Quests

- Magical Creature Quests

- Character Side Quests

- Romance Side Quests

- Lessons/Ministry of Magic Assignments

- Creature Expeditions

- Push Notifications

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