Ninja Kitty contains five worlds, each with a unique environment.  In making modules, I had the opportunity to add environment assets in addition to gameplay elements.  The result is a lush visual experience that makes each world feel unique.  

Ninja Kitty

Tapify, Inc.
Trailer  - edited by Remi Storms

Ninja Kitty is a side-scrolling action/running game developed in the Unity engine for Tapify, Inc. 

Systems and Level Design

Remi Storms put this trailer together under the direction of Tapchat, Inc. President, Alexander Julien.  Jared Wuerzburger added sound and music.


The environment assets themselves were modeled and textured Remi Storms, Justin Nichols, and myself.  We made a small pool of assets which I was able to arrange in each module/boss area as "set designer."

Using Unity's particle systems, I made a number of particle effects for Ninja Kitty.  These visual effects add interest and feedback to the player movement, weapon attacks, obstacles, and environments.

Visual Effects

Particles spawn when the player jumps, dives, slides, collects a coin, takes a hit, or dies.  Particles also appear when the player attacks or kills an enemy, and each weapon has unique particles for the attack effect.  Environmental particle effects play to simulate swamp myst or even volcanic fire!

Most of Ninja Kitty's particle effects use additive or multiply-type shaders with simple textures I made in Photoshop.

Ninja Kitty includes two exciting boss fights.  Instead of modules in a line, a boss fight finds the player running along a path loop in a single large arena.  I 'set decorated' these arenas much like the modules and did a large amount of tuning and testing. 

Boss Fights

The first boss is the Bandit Fox.  This boss flees in his wagon tries to stop the player by throwing out fireworks and spike traps.  The player defeats the Fox by knocking those fireworks right back at him!

 Mobile Action/Runner

Ninja Kitty Credits:

Progamming, Design:

Adrian Comisel, Chris Majcher

Modeling, Rigging, Technical Art, Design:

Remi Storms

Concept Art, Animation, Textures, Design:

Justin Nichols,

Level Design, Particles, Set Design, Design:

Christopher Ellington

SFX and Music:

Jared Wuerzburger

The leap from web to mobile was an extra challenge.  With texture atlasing, combining separate meshes together, and simplifying the lighting, we were able to maintain the environments without hurting performance.

The second boss is the Sumo Toad.  This boss stays in the center of the swamp arena, and attacks the player with his tongue and sumo-stomp waves.  The player tail-whips turtle shells at the Toad to damage and defeat it.

Here are the story panels from Ninja Kitty!  Remi Storms rendered these panels in Blender and finished them off in Photoshop.  Enjoy!

Story Panels

My Roles:


System design

Level Design

Narrative Design

Environment Art

Project Managment

VFX Artist

As level designer, I determined the number and type of the modules, obstacles, enemies, and coins in each level.  I also created obstacle prefabs and environment assets unique to each of the game's worlds.

As systems designer, I formulated the procedural systems with the programmer, and assembled each module prefab.    I designed the player award formula and balanced the in-game economy using spreadsheets and in-game controller scripts.  

Ninja Kitty uses a modular path-node system to procedurally create new levels every time the game is played.