Systems and Level Design
 Mobile Shooter

Evil Robots

Tapify, Inc.

As level designer, I determined the type, number, time, and location of enemy spawns using time-based and trigger-based spawners.  

As systems designer, I formulated the level controller system with the programmer to create multiple levels in one Unity scene.  I assembled and tuned enemy prefabs, tuned weapon values, and used spreadsheets to track variables and to balance the game's economy.

To create the game's environment, I started by drawing vector assets in Adobe Illustrator. I finished them in Photoshop, and imported into Unity and NGUI where they were added and diced into texture atlases.  This resulted in an efficient system to quickly make optimized environments for the game.

Evil Robots is a side-scrolling shooter game with virtual controls.  It was developed in Unity3D for Tapify, Inc.  The game combines side-scrolling shooting mechanics with "brawler" style movement controls.

My Roles:


System design

Level Design

Narrative Design

Environment Art

Project Managment